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Remember that until recent history, there was a big wall in Germany dividing the country. Considering the country was divided, it doesn’t give much hope for immigration, right? Well, immigration is good for a country, and while there are plenty of people in Germany who aren’t for immigrants making their way to this bustling nation, there are plenty of people in favor of immigration as well. Germany needs the immigrants because they are growing fast. That fact has helped facilitate a new way of thinking about immigration in Germany.

As a matter of fact, look at what the country did in 2005 with the declaration that Germany is welcoming immigrants with open arms. Well, it’s a start anyway, and many German officials recognize the need for immigrants. German immigration laws might not be what they are in other countries that have immigrants flocking to their borders, but they are hopefully getting there.

Germany leads the world along with the rest of the top countries when it comes to innovation in many industries, and they know they need to be a team player. Historically, they haven’t been much of a team player, nor have they been a country where outsiders think that they would have much of an opportunity. Things in Germany look great, but you have to feel welcome.

Time will tell as the years go on if Germany is making people feel welcome now. They are trying, and other countries like the US are trying to get stricter on immigration. Each country is in a different situation, and there is a delicate balance to immigration. You don’t want your country overrun with drugs and other bad things like we currently have going on in the US because we can’t control our borders.