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Germany is experiencing the highest number of immigrants since World War II. The startling problem is that most of these immigrants are not from European nations. They are arriving from war-torn Middle Eastern nations.

The problem is grim because of the fact that it is difficult for the immigration officials to ensure that all people entering Germany are who they say they are. One immigrant had several different identities and it was not discovered until he tried to attack a police station.

There is growing crime following the influx of immigrants as well. There have been attacks on German natives which have sparked controversy. It is very difficult to tell whether an immigrant is a refugee or a potential terrorist.

Germany is not the only country in Europe contending with the extraordinary influx of immigrants. However, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is handling this issue in a much different manner than some of the other countries. She refuses to put a cap on how many people are permitted into the country.

This may seem like an open-door policy which sides empathetically with the refugees who are desperate to escape the war that plagues their homeland. However, with the rise in crime, it is a contentious decision for some people.

The European Union recently made a deal that authorizes country officials to send all illegal immigrants back to their countries. This is only if they attempt to enter the country illegally through Turkey.

Germany is experiencing more difficulties as it allows the immigrants entrance. Concerns about terrorism are on the rise, particularly following the death of 10 Germans in Istanbul who lost their lives to a suicide bomber from Syria.

The terrorism concerns are obvious. However, these are felt around the world, even in nations that are not plagued with refugee immigration.