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Germany has seen the highest number of immigrants flood its borders since World War II. Most of these people are seeking asylum Middle Eastern countries plagued with war and violence.

The German chancellor has recently deemed that there should be no cap on how many people can enter Germany. The problem with this is that potential terrorists are entering the country.

This has been demonstrated by recent attacks by Syrian terrorists on German nationals in Istanbul. Ten people lost their lives. Another attack by an immigrant was on a police station.

It was later discovered the man had four identities. He had not entered Germany to get relief from the wars going on. He was there to make a huge political statement.

In return, the German right has raised concerns that their own retaliation against these terrorists is imminent. They feel most of the immigrants have the potential to be terrorists. They have made it clear that their own attacks could be on immigrants as well as German politicians.

These right-wing German nationals are more in agreement with the rest of the EU which has recently enacted laws that any illegal immigrants be sent back to their respective countries. It seems some illegals who enter through Turkey are not looking to get relief but rather revenge in the form of terrorist attacks.

Terrorism concerns are being felt around the world, however. The majority of immigrants are seeking relief and they are not just looking for that relief in Germany. They are also emigrating to Greece and other nearby European nations.

The problem has reached crisis point, but Germany is not alone in trying to solve this issue. It is not going to be an easy one with which to contend for any nation affected.