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As you may or may not know, there is a Syrian refugee crisis that is underway. As a result of this crisis, many Syrians are making their way into Europe, hoping to find a new life in an new land.

Unfortunately, many Germans do not seem to support their government in granting these Syrians access to the country. The most recent election returns have shown support slipping for Angela Merkel, the current head of the government there.

Many Germans fear that the Syrians will attempt to make changes that make Germany more like Syria. They also wonder whether the refugees will take jobs and living space away from native Germans, and in a country with some unemployment, this causes discord and unrest. Some others imagine that the Syrians will bring their political unrest to their shores. One of the greatest fears they have is that people who wish to do harm to others will slip in with the refugee population and be able to set up criminal networks without being noticed.

However, on the other side, there are many Germans who want to welcome the refugees into their country. They have seen images and video of the horrendous situation in Syria and consider themselves to be humanitarian in spirit. However, even these people hope that the refugees will be settled quickly into German life so that all the discord over the issue can be over.

Whatever happens, at this time immigration of all kinds is still occurring in Germany. If you wish to travel or move to Germany and have the proper papers, you can expect to be moved along expeditiously. Be sure to contact your local consulate or embassy to get an idea of what rules are in place. Soon, you may very well find yourself in Germany too.